Quality and EHS Policies

Quality and EHS Policies

Make continous improvements.

Honor our commitments.

Improve our quality.

Satisfy our customers.

Commitment to Quality

Committed to supply products and services that meet customers’ satisfaction.

Fully understand the details of our quality policy and endeavor to achieve policy goals through our own job responsibilities.

Quality Policy Statement

1. Make continuous improvement through feedbacks from all systems and maximize benefits for the customers and the employees.

2. Increase employee awareness that quality is everyone's responsibility via communication and training.

3. Provide necessary material resources, technologies, manpower, and good working environment to ensure quality requirements are met as we achieve our business goals.

4. Grow with our business partners and strive to innovate and improve quality.

5. Ensure all quality-related activities conducted will be in alignment with products’ relevant regulatory requirements.

6. Establish effective communication channels in collecting feedbacks from the customers and employees, and make continuous improvement by emphasizing procedure improvement and systematic management.

EHS Policy Statement

1. Comply with relevant EHS regulations.

2. Manage dangers and risks with accident prevention and effective emergency response plan.

3. Improve production process to reduce waste and pollution, to improve energy efficiency, and to increase recovery and recycling.

4. Enhance EHS awareness for all employees and contractors.

5. Strengthen EHS management system and periodically review its performance and make improvements.

6. Protect health and safety of the employees and minimize environment impact through effective technologies and management systems.

7. Establish effective channels to relay EHS communications in a timely manner.