June 2, 2008


The European REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances) has come into force on June 1, 2007 and we recognize the impact of this regulation may have on you doing business in the European Union (EU). You may also have questions regarding our product(s) with respect to REACH, or CCP’s strategy on REACH. 


We would like to inform you that CCP has formed a dedicated REACH team to address any REACH related concerns that you may have. Our goal is to pre-register most of the products that our customers have indicated they are selling to EU or intending to sell to EU, to ensure business continuity for the upcoming months or years. CCP will be forming an affiliate in EU, known as, Chang Chun Dairen UK Ltd., in mid-June 2008 that will act as our Only Representative (OR) for the purpose of REACH registration. 


Currently, our REACH team is working actively with our suppliers and customers to obtain relevant information for the evaluation to form a list of potential products that we intend to pre-register.  Once this list has been finalized, we will publish the result on our website.  The pre-registration and registration progress of each product will also be updated periodically.


Please note that, after the pre-registration of a product, we will continue to evaluate whether to register the product.  We will also finalize a list of products that we intend to register.  The list of products that we will register may differ from the pre-registered list.  Thus, it is recommended that you check our website regularly for a particular product’s status.


If you have questions regarding REACH, please do not hesitate to contact us at: or to check the REACH section of the CCP website for further information or any updates.  We will do the best to serve you.  Thank you.



Richard Chen

CCP REACH Team Director