Dairen Chemical Corporation

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1.3734 billion NT
Chang Chun Plastics Co., Ltd.   
Chang Chun Petrochemical Co., Ltd.   
Nan Pao Resins Chemical Co., Ltd.
Factory Area:
Ta-She    42,180 M2¡FDaFa      129,039 M2¡F
Mai-Liao 83,000 M
2¡FMalaysia 121,532 M2
Dairen Chemical Corporation, established in 1979, is a joint venture between Nan Pao Resins Chemical Co., Ltd. and Chang Chun. The company owns factory in Ta-She Complex and DaFa industrial area with total area about 41 acres and more than 200 employees. Major products include vinyl acetate monomer, EVA emulsion, and nitrogen, which are major raw materials for polymers, paint, and adhesives. Production technology of vinyl acetate monomer was licensed by Bayer AG, Germany.

Main Products:
ProductsAnnual CapacityProductsAnnual Capacity
Vinyl Acetate (VAM)240,000  TonAllyl Alcohol100,000  Ton
Ethyl Acetate (EA)  30,000  TonLiquefied Carbon Dioxide  10,000  Ton
EVA Emulsion100,000  Ton1,4-BDO100,000  Ton
Nitrogen(N2)  35,000  TonPTMEG  10,000  Ton
VAE POWDER  10,000  TonMPO   20,000 Ton

Head Office
th Floor, No. 301, Song Kiang Road, 104 Taipei, Taiwan
Tel       ¡G886-2-2502-0238(5 lines)
Fax      ¡G886-2-2509-9619
E-Mail ¡Gtpservice@ms.dcc.com.tw

Kaohsiung Factory
Address¡GNo. 1-3, Hsiung-Kung Road, Ta-She Industrial Zone, 815 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Tel       ¡G(07)351-4151(6 lines)
Fax      ¡G886-7-351-4090, 886-7-352-0044
E-Mail ¡Gkssevice@ms.dcc.com.tw

DaFa Factory
Address¡GNo. 19-2, Hua-Shi Road, DaFa Industrial District,831 Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Tel       ¡G886-7-788-1165
Fax      ¡G886-7-787-1710
E-Mail ¡Gtfservice@ms.dcc.com.tw

Mai-Liao Factory
Address¡GNo. 25, Formosa Industrial Park, 638 Mai-Liao, Yunlin, Taiwan
Tel       ¡G886-5-681-2201
Fax      ¡G886-5-681-2212

E-Mail ¡Gmlservice@ms.dcc.com.tw

Dairen Chemical (M) Sdn. Bhd. 
Address¡GPLO 18, Tanjung Langsat Industrial Estate, Mukim Sungai Tiram, 81700 Pasir Gudang, Johor, Malaysia
Tel    ¡G60-7-2565800
Fax   ¡G60-7-2565799