Chang Chun PetroChemical Co., LTD.

MiaoLi, MaiLiao, DaFa

Head Office:
301 Songkiang Road, 7th Floor,
Taipei 104 Taiwan
TEL: 886-2-2503-8131, 2500-1800
FAX: 886-2-2503-3378, 2501-8018

MiaoLi Factory:
246, Fu Hsing, Fu An Li,
Miao-Li 360, Taiwan

MaiLiao Factory:
No.26 Formosa Industrial Complex,
Mailiao, Yunlin 638, Taiwan

DaFa Factory:
11 Chien-Yeh Road, DaFa Industry Park,
Kaohsiung 831, Taiwan

Chang Chun Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was started in 1964. It currently owns land in Mao-Li and DaFa, total about 114 acres. There are more than 800 employees working in this company. Its major products include polyvinyl alcohol, glacial acetic acid, butyl acetate, formalin, hexamine, hydrogen peroxide, ultra-purity electronic grade hydrogen peroxide, epoxidized soya bean oil, copper foil, antioxidants, melamine... etc. Products are supplied to chemical, textile, coating, resin, semi-conductor, pharmaceutical, electronic, paper, and plastic industries.